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When John Perkinson left his stable, good-paying accounting job in 1982, he had a vision.  His vision was to create smart, simple solutions for property buyers and sellers in the Valley.  Over 30 years later, Perkinson Properties continues to carefully consult, educate, and celebrate with our clients.  Here, at Perkinson Properties, we help clients make smart decisions.

We LOVE real estate.  Too many agents outside Perkinson Properties fall into Real Estate because they run out of options, lose a job, or hear they can make a good living.  Perkinson Properties is built with agents who CHOSE real estate over other great career options and because we love what we do, we are passionate about sharing what we’ve learned with our clients so that, together, we make smart decisions.

We are in the business of creating raving fans.  We are ready to provide you the best real estate experience possible.  It’s simple:  we’ll prove it.

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